Rani Lukitasari
Founder / General Manager / Licensed & Certified Tourist Guide / Certified Eco-tourism Guide / Member of Indonesian Tourist Guide Association / Member of Indonesia Mountain Guide Association

Growing up in mountain area, Rani has a God-given love over mountains and natures. Rani has started climbing mountains with her father when she was only five. She is a curious traveler, occasional rock climber, devoted mountain hiker, and rookie trail runner. Rani has been working part time as tour guide since she was in high school, and now she’s managing this adventure travel company. Having a passion of learning languages, she now speaks English, French, and Turkish, besides Javanese and Indonesian as her mother tongues. Yet she’s now struggling to be proficient in Chinese. Her favorite adventure is running a trail half marathon with 1950m of altitude gain in the second highest volcano in Indonesia ;Mt. Rinjani.


Yuan Astuti 
Account Manager / Licensed & Certified Tourist Guide / Member of Indonesian Tourist Guide Association

Yuan has been living in some different cities since she was only fourteen. Living in comfort zone is not something that fits her. She always fulfills her hunger of adventures which has brought her to conquer some of the highest peaks in Indonesia, including Mt. Kerinci, Mt. Rinjani, and Mt. Semeru. Yuan is an avid white water rafter who also loves to share the beauty of Indonesia to others. Her cheerful attitude always lightens up our clients’ journey! Her most favorite adventure is climbing one of the deadliest volcanoes on earth : Mt. Tambora.


Ngaderi (Derun)

Certified Eco-tourism Guide

Having more than 20 years of mountain guiding experience, Derun is very familiar with mountains in Indonesia, especially in East Java. His expertise is an asset for our company so that our clients can climb the mountains safe and happy. His  friendly, attentive, and humorous self has made him a sweetheart among our clients. Being adventurous himself, he will share his passions towards mountains to our clients. He speaks very good English that will make his story telling even more interesting. He has climbed Mt. Semeru for countless of time yet it is still his favorite mountain ever.




Certified Mountain Guide / Member of Indonesia Mountain Guides Association

Growing up in Ranupani, the last village before of Mt. Semeru, Sogan has an inherited love of mountains from his father, who is a well known porter. He’s of Tengger tribe, and he wants to use and spread his tribe’s local wisdom to balance tourism and sustainability. He’s an experienced mountain guide, and an occasional mountain ultra runner. He has finished Les Volcans De L’extreme, a staged 200km race over 7 mountains in East Java. He’s passionate and patient so he’s among our clients’ favorited mountain guide. His favorite adventure was climbing Mt. Rinjani is Lombok.


Galuh Bayu Lesmana

Mountain Guide

Galuh is grown up in Lumajang, on the southern side of Mt. Semeru. Being an active member of a non-governmental organization that concerns about environmental protection, Galuh combines his love of nature, guiding, and conservation all at oce at his job. Galuh will give you an insider insight about Semeru and its surrounding area.


Dewi Ratna

Guest Relations Officer

During your pre-trip arrangement, you will mostly have a communication with Dewi. She’s also in charge of our website’s live chat feature. Being hospitable and friendly, Dewi will assist you with every inquiries you may have. She speaks English really well, and she will always make sure that you will have enough information regarding your trip with us.